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FHC Legal is a law firm that began its practice on 2 January 1995. We are a dynamic and forward moving, innovative legal firm with high levels of experience in Corporate and Commercial, Law, Trade Marks, Housing Development and Property Conveyancing.


FHC Legal has built itself on the unique relationship it develops with its clients and is well established as a leader in our market. One of our key features is the ability to provide an enterprise standard of success whilst maintaining a personal level of service.


We have earned a reputation for our capability to devise innovative and practical solutions for all our clients, foreign or local, in the demanding and ever changing legal field.


Led by a highly experienced team with a proven and diverse professional background, FHC Legal is positioned to offer the most individual and high level of legal service for our specialist range of work. 


As legal advisors with a competitive design edge, we provide a range of legal services with a focus on core areas of expertise alongside tailored creative advice.



Corporate and Commercial Law  /

Real Estate Law  ​/  ​​

Intellectual Property Law  / 

Notary Public​  /  Commissioner For Oaths / Trade Mark Agents

The Firm

Corporate Advisory


Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, private or publicly listed, our team of experienced lawyers focuses on integrating your business and investment strategies with practical legal solutions that work for you. From establishing and organising your business to supporting your administrative and corporate functions, we provide a full range of services that cater to your business needs. These include:


  • advising on the legal framework governing businesses in Malaysia;

  • advising on corporate structures that are aligned with optimising your business outcomes;

  • advising boards of directors and shareholders on directors’ liabilities and responsibilities, corporate governance issues and shareholders’ rights; and

  • other legal-related matters such as regulatory approvals and compliance. 

Commercial and Business Contracts


We advise on every aspect of your business, from the day-to-day operations to commercial transactions. We draft contracts for a wide spectrum of businesses, including:


  • business process and other outsourcing contracts

  • wholesale and retail distribution agreements including consumer contracts

  • licensing arrangements

  • manufacturing and supply agreements

  • franchise agreements

  • e-commerce transactions


Our lawyers are able to work with you to identify risk areas and advise you in key commercial areas. With our forefront knowledge in this area, we are able to provide tailored solutions that will allow your business to thrive and flourish in the local market. 

Intellectual Property



We provide unique and global solutions in the field of Intellectual Property. Besides understanding the challenges faced by our clients, we also see IP as a strategic issue in business development.


Through trade mark registrations and copyright work among other key areas in the vast field of Intellectual Property, we help manage brand portfolios of innovative companies who recognise the true worth of their brand value.


In partnership with our creative arm, Kreominds Sdn Bhd, we also provide consulting work involving brand strategy and graphic design services to enhance brand strength and protection. 



Since our inception, FHC Legal
has been focused on building a strategic, dynamic legal practice.

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